P.I.: Gary King  --  Project Lead: Mercè Crosas   -- Team

Dataverse is a software framework that enables organizations or institutions to host research data repositories. It provides a preservation and archival  infrastructure, while researchers can share, keep control of and get recognition for their data through an easy to access web browser interface. Dataverse supports the sharing of research data with a persistent data citation, and data publishing and management workflows with versioning and metadata standards.

The Harvard Dataverse Repository

Harvard Dataverse is a repository open to all researchers worldwide to publish research data across all disciplines.

  • Each dataverse can contain any number of datasets
  • Each dataset contains metadata and any number of data files.
  • Each data file can have a maximum size of 2GB (currently).

Learn more about Harvard Dataverse repository.

The Dataverse Software

The Dataverse software is open-source and shared in GitHub. Each release is packaged and can be downloaded and installed by an institution or organization to host their own Dataverse repository.

Learn about the Dataverse  history and name.