Zelig 5 Architecture

Zelig 5 comes with a new object-oriented architecture that uses Reference Classes from R, instead of using S4 as in the previous versions of Zelig. To learn more about R Reference Classes, see: http://stat.ethz.ch/R-manual/R-devel/library/methods/html/refClass.html.

Zelig 5 class

A Zelig 5 object comes with predefined fields and methods. Among these methods, the most important are:

  • initialize: populate the authors, year and url fields
  • cite: how to cite the model - zelig: estimate the statistical model
  • show: print estimated model
  • setx: choose quantities of interest
  • sim: simulate quantities of interest
  • summarize: display information about quantities of interest

We take advantage of inheritance to implement a model or a family of models. The figure below shows an example of the inheritance from Zelig 5 class to the Logit model.