Searching & Browsing

For Dataverse 4.0, the searching and browsing functionality has been updated to use Solr to provide users with an easier way to find data. Dataverse 4.0 includes a better basic search (you can now search through dataverses, datasets, and files from the basic search bar), more facets, highlighting on results cards to show each and every metadata field your search term matched, and advanced search for dataverses, sets of certain metadata elements (i.e.-Astronomy & Astrophysics specific searching), and files.  

The new search found on the Dataverse homepage, is also on each dataverse page to provide users a way to search and browse for dataverses, datasets, and files within that dataverse. Also, in the Data Related to Me tab for your account, you’ll find the new search functionality there so you can easily find dataverses, datasets, and files you’ve created.

There are ten pre-defined facets for each dataverse page (type, publication status, host dataverse, author, affiliation, distributor, publication date, keyword, subject, and file type) with the ability to add domain specific facets to help users explore the dataverses, datasets, and files within that dataverse. For example, if your dataverse is for Social Sciences & Humanities datasets, you can choose to add in a facet for Country/Nation (where the data was collected).

Dataverse 4.0 Pre-Defined Facets

The new and improved search results cards support thumbnail previews, display a dataset’s citation and the description of a dataverse, dataset, or file. As previously mentioned, after performing a search, the results card displays the metadata fields the search term or query was found within to show the user relevance of the result based off their search.

Additionally, if you are logged into your account and on the Dataverse homepage, you might notice the Publication Status facet. This facet helps you to quickly see which unpublished dataverses, datasets, and files you still need to publish for others to discover. There are also labels on dataverses, datasets, and files cards to quickly help you identify which ones are unpublished and/or drafts.

To see what else the Dataverse Development Team is working on for Search & Browse check out our feature tracking system, Redmine.

To learn more about what else we’ve added into Dataverse 4.0 check out these blog posts about the User Experience & Workflow Upgrade, Metadata Standards, and File Handling & Uploading.

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