File Handling and Uploads for 4.0

Thanks to the helpful feedback received from usability testing, file uploads and file handling in general has been completely re-designed for Dataverse 4.0 with the following new features:

File Upload & Preview

When users are uploading files into Dataverse they will now also be able to upload files from their Dropbox (Redmine #3820). We have also added the ability for users to easily and quickly drag and drop files into their Dataset. Additionally, users will be able to see a thumbnail of the files they have uploaded and can hover over the thumbnail for a larger preview (Redmine #3599, #3821). Included is a short video of our new-and-improved file upload features.

File-Upload in 4.0

Additional Support for Tabular Data

In addition to the improved and optimized support for Stata, SPSS, and R tabular data formats, users will now be able to upload CSV (Redmine #3788) and Excel (XLSX) files without the need for a control card (if the user can add metadata in the first row). Furthermore, expect to see faster and more efficient viewing and creation of tabular data for subset and analysis using the new SolaFide data visualization and analysis tool.

Extract Metadata Directly from FITS Files (Redmine #3520, #3599)

Users with astronomy or astrophysics datasets will be able to skip manually inserting many of the descriptive metadata that is already contained in their FITS files. When users upload FITS files for their Dataset, our system will automatically extract any relevant metadata from the header of the FITS file and insert it into the Dataset metadata fields for them. For additional information please view our Metadata for 4.0 blog post

To see what else the Dataverse Development Team is working on for Search & Browse check out our feature tracking system, Redmine.

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