Dataverse 4.0, Next Week!

At the beginning of next week, April 13th, Harvard Dataverse will be upgraded to Dataverse 4.0! The current version of the Harvard Dataverse ( will still be available for the next month for you to view. However, you will be able to edit, upload, or download in the new release 4.0 and can benefit from the new functionalities there.  

Dataverse 4.0: Permissions

Dataverse 4.0 has an entirely new way to grant access to a dataverse, dataset, and restricted files. Each dataverse and dataset has their own permissions page.

Dataverse Permissions

To access the permissions for a dataverse, click on the Edit button then select Permissions.

Dataverse 4.0: CC0 Default Dataset Waiver

In Dataverse 4.0, by default, all datasets added into Dataverse are granted the CC0 waiver. Dataverse will use CC0 because of its name recognition in the scientific and open data community, making it a familiar option for data (for which copyrights do not apply) since it is actively used by repositories as well as scientific journals that require the deposit of open data. For more information on CC0, please visit the Creative Commons website (

Dataverse 4.0: Theme + Widgets

The Theme + Widgets feature provides you with a way to customize the look of your dataverse as well as provide code for you to put on your personal website to have your dataverse appear there. 

For Theme, you can decide either to use the customization from the dataverse above yours or upload your own image file. Additionally, you can select the colors for the header of your dataverse and the text that appears in your dataverse. You can also add a link to your personal website, the website for your organization or institution, your department, journal, etc.