Collaborations with Dataverse

What is the easiest way for researchers to deposit their data into Dataverse? On our Data Science blog we have recently talked a lot about working with users to improve the interface and simplify workflows within Dataverse, but what if our users are on a completely different website or application and want to easily and quickly send their data from there to Dataverse without having to leave that site?

Dataverse 4.0 Beta

The Dataverse team has been hard at work on an extensive rewrite of the Dataverse application. Thanks to helpful feedback received from user testing, almost every part of the workflow and interface is being tweaked and revised.

Searching & Browsing

For Dataverse 4.0, the searching and browsing functionality has been updated to use Solr to provide users with an easier way to find data. Dataverse 4.0 includes a better basic search (you can now search through dataverses, datasets, and files from the basic search bar), more facets, highlighting on results cards to show each and every metadata field your search term matched, and advanced search for dataverses, sets of certain metadata elements (i.e.-Astronomy & Astrophysics specific searching), and files.