Feedback Form & Dataset Deaccession in Dataverse 4.0 Beta

Two new features are now in Dataverse 4.0 Beta

Feedback Form

Come across an issue in Dataverse 4.0 Beta or want to tell the Dataverse development team something you liked? Well now you can by using the feedback form! Click on Feedback at the top of the page, type up your feedback, and click “Send Message”. We enjoy hearing from you so send in any and all feedback!

Collaborations with Dataverse

What is the easiest way for researchers to deposit their data into Dataverse? On our Data Science blog we have recently talked a lot about working with users to improve the interface and simplify workflows within Dataverse, but what if our users are on a completely different website or application and want to easily and quickly send their data from there to Dataverse without having to leave that site?